April 21, 2020

Salute Equestrian joins many in wishing to support the valued NHS at this time. 

As a whole the equestrian community is consciously trying to reduce any unnecessary demands on the NHS and reduce trips to A&E (and equally not wishing anyone to go in to hospital following a fall and contract coronavirus).

For some, the safest option is to keep their horses in work, with their Click & Connect Neck Strap to hand but for many for whom visiting a yard or riding is too risky, field rest is the best option. 

We're hoping that the lockdown will soon be lifted and then, let's all be prepared  - and soon discover not only the increased confidence but training and performance benefits our connected neck strap brings. 

As such we have a number of campaigns to try to encourage donations to the NHS and entice you to equip yourself with the next generation of neck strap, the Click & Connect Ultimate Set.

Our first initiative was in donating a Click & Connect Neck Strap to the auction and this contributed to over £125,000 being raised by this venture. 

But it's not too late to join in as, next up, is the fundraiser. 

If it's been a battle of the bookshelves on TV, wait for this as we'll get to watch some of the World's leading event riders perform the Badminton dressage test in a pre-record (before lockdown).  We can't wait to have a sneak peak of their facilities!

That will be judged and commented on, and then there's dismounted XC and SJ challenges for our participants that's set to have us assessing the sporting prowess of international riders when not supported by their noble steeds.

Viewable on you tube and clip my horse, in place of Badminton Horse Trials (6th-10th May) it promises to captivate and inspire.

Salute Equestrian is supporting the event with a significant donation to their NHS fundraiser and, in addition, is offering;

A raffle prize of goodies including Salute neck tube, branded saddlecloth, key rings and personalised notebook

An auction prize of a Polo style Click & Connect Neck Strap Ultimate Set

AND Salute will donate £10 for every HI-VIZ CLICK & CONNECT NECK STRAP ULTIMATE SET to the NHS (and buyers will receive a £10 discount too with the code STAY SAFE.

To help publicise our donation, you'll see the gorgeous Kelly Baddeley on screen.

A rider with the Knights of Middle England, Kelly already owned a Click & Connect Neck Strap but bid over the RRP to secure her second in the auction.

She'll be joined by Salute Major Ellie Fredericks - our sponsored junior event rider - and her mother, the former Badminton winner, Lucinda Fredericks, plus Salute Captain, Kirsty Chappell, our brand ambassador who joined us after she bought her neck strap at Olympia. 

And it is intended for keen Salute supporter, Jonty Evans, to also join in while we'll no doubt have a bit of an eye on French rider, Tom Carlile, who keeps a Click & Connect Neck Strap in his tack room! 

We hope you'll also take part by entering the raffle, or bidding in the auction, or by buying a Click & Connect Neck Strap Ultimate Set.

Put simply


As ever, we love to hear from you via our facebook/Instagram pages or just drop us a line at

Please Stay Safe,

With love,

The Salute Army