Jonty Evans and Cooley Rorkes Drift showcase the C&C at BADMINTON

Jonty Evans and Cooley Rorkes Drift showcase the C&C at BADMINTON

May 06, 2019

What a guy! What a horse! What an honour that Jonty Evans and Cooley Rorkes Drift became the first combination to showcase the Click & Connect Neck Strap from Salute Equestrian at a 5* event.

The pair were invited to take part in a dressage demonstration held on Friday 2nd May under the watchful eye of Pammy Hutton.

The audience were there it seemed simply to celebrate Jonty's survival of the head injury he sustained less than a year ago.

Better than that though, it became clear that Jonty's horsemanship remains, his skill in the saddle evident and his connection with his horse, Art, undeniable.

Alive, kicking and still ambitious - a strategically placed Pippa Hutton and her horse were the only thing standing in his way from taking on Fence 1 of the cross-country course! 

While the audience whooped and Art galloped around the arena, it's clear that this great man was not only born to ride, he's been re-born to ride.

He is most at home in the saddle, remains a smooth talker, but is a tentative walker and it's only when you see him out of the saddle that you realise he's still in the early stages of his rehabilitation.

He could be in no better hands than that of his caring, professional, loving, pragmatic, immediate supporters and that of Art's Amazing Family.  

It was a truly humbling experience to meet (well, re-meet) Jonty, his family, his supporters, his horse (well, mine too!) and an honour that he was able to use the Click & Connect Neck Strap to add a little extra cadence to Art's canter, and balance himself as he mounted.