Response to British Eventing Rule Changes

Response to British Eventing Rule Changes

April 17, 2021

STATEMENT 16.04.21

British Eventing have announced some rule changes which impact the use of Number Bib Inserts and our improved design of the traditional Number Bib. 

We have asked for clarification asap.

Number Bib Inserts

New rules suggest that organisers may ask riders to print at home.  This is presumably to denote the section sponsor.  While we obviously wish to support our sponsors, it is possible for the sponsor's name to be used in conjunction with our inserts - at wording 2cm high (to match the BE number template) this would mean many logos could be printed from one sheet of A4 and hopefully used time and again - we're sure sponsors care for the environment too! 

Sponsor Name on Salute Equestrian branded Smart Number Bib British Eventing logo on HORSE-EVENTS branded Smart Number Bib


Smart Number Bib

Our number bib and inserts were NOT included in the selection process to be endorsed by British Eventing.  A pity, we feel, as our number bib has a number (excuse pun!) of unique selling points;

  • Non-flap, non-slip, shoulder straps, 
  • Clips at the shoulders on both side for ease of putting on over a hat (or taking off in case of emergency without need to cut the bib or remove the hat);
  • Clips on both sides of the waist for easier dressing and better use with an air jacket too. 
  • Compatible with both paper and alternative number bib inserts. 
  • With our Number Bib Inserts there is still room for sponsor endorsement by paper too.  
  • PERSONALISATION - we cannot see why this appears to be not allowed by the notification issued today.  ICE details, name, and horse name can only be a help in ensuring you greet the steward wearing the correct bib, for safety and also to support your sponsor. 

With regard to personalisation, we asked for clarification prior to production but were advised that there were no rules against this. 

However, given the wording issued on 14/4/21 I would advise that anyone with a personalised bib does not wear it until we have sought clarification of these new rules.

For a sponsor to be shown on saddlecloths or jackets, the company must take out 'Company Sponsorship' at £25/year to BE so it may be a positive for BE if your family company then becomes a supporter of BE if you hadn't previously also used saddlecloths bearing your sponsor name. 

This Sponsor Membership also entitles you to their branding on a rider's competition jacket.  Currently this is up to 80sqcm on the rider's chest. 

In light of the email today (received only as I am also a BE member), I have emailed and in my desperation for clarification, also requested that wording up to 60sq cm be permitted on the number bib - given the Smart Number Bib enables lettering up to 25sqcm on the front, and also the back of the bib. 

At the time of product development, I asked if Salute Equestrian branding would be permitted and was told that it was.  I now seek clarification that Horse-Events branding can be used in BE competitions - and likewise that British Eventing branding often worn by competitors (such as baselayers or the Number Pro ringbinder inserts) can be used in Horse-Events competitions.  Given that Horse-Events competitors graduate to British Eventing it would be hoped that there's partnership between the two organising bodies.

I should add that I did recently offer for Briitsh Eventing to have its logo on our Smart Number Bib - at which point I learned of their association with Number Pro.  We hope we'll be invited in the future and that the enhanced safety and environmental considerations of our products will strike a chord.

If you already have a personalised bib, please bear with us.  We are hoping it is an oversight not to have been consulted prior to the rule change and we hope to address these interests to ensure fairness to the fabulous sport of eventing, its sponsors, riders, safety and the environment. 

We'd welcome your feedback too. 

With best wishes,

Anna and the Salute Army!