Personalised Leather Keyring

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Available in black or brown leather, you can also choose to have your keyring personalised with plain (deep embossing) or matt or metallic colours.

Plain embossing or metallic gold or silver is most effective.  

We can also offer metallic colours of Rose Gold, Cerise, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Cyan, Red, Copper, Lilac and Green and matt colours of Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Pea Green and Forest Green however, these colours do not tend to emboss as sharply as the gold or silver.  Darker colours are also harder to read so Blue and Purple are less effective. 

As with all handmade products the effect can vary.  Personalised goods are not refundable. 

Choose from 

Salute icon

Single initial - portrait view

Initials landscape view (one, two or three initials is customary depending on the width eg we couldn't fit WWW but could fit BILL in the space available.


Type: Collectibles

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