Smart Black Number Bib

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Taking orders from February...

The Velcro top slot enables a much easier insertion of home-printed A4 sheets or our innovative Salute Equestrian Number Inserts.

Designed so there are no flappy or droopy straps, the Salute Equestrian Number Bib can still fit over a hat;

Then adjust to fit neatly with show jacket, body protector or air-jacket.

One size suits child or adult.

Option to Personalise – avoid wearing the wrong number by making it easily identifiable!

Emboss with your name, horse name, sponsor’s detail (size restrictions as per BE Rules) and/or for security emboss with your ICE telephone number.   

Choose to personalise the front and/or back base strip with gold, silver or plain embossing. 

The Salute Equestrian Number Bib can be used for standard A4 printouts – for stewards or competitors who wish to print their number at home.  But check out our Number Bib Inserts to save paper and printing!

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