Smart HORSE EVENTS Number Bib

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Available online now!

Support Horse-Events with their branding and benefit from the Salute Equestrian design!

No flappy or droopy straps, the Horse Events Number Bib can still fit over a hat;

Then adjust to fit neatly with a show jacket, body protector or air-jacket.

One size suits a child or adult.

Option to PERSONALISE – avoid wearing the wrong number by making it easily identifiable!

Emboss with your name, horse name, sponsor’s detail (size restrictions as per BE Rules) and/or for security emboss with your ICE telephone number.   

Choose to personalise the front and/or back base strip with discrete plain embossing, a selection of metallic colours or baby pink! Metallic colours are cyan, silver, red, gold, copper, green, rose, cerise, purple, blue or aqua. 

The Horse Events Number Bib can be used for standard A4 printouts – for stewards or competitors who wish to print their number at home with the top slot making it much easier than side insertion.  YOU CAN EVEN ADD A SPONSOR'S NAME! 

Option to add our innovative Number Bib Inserts to save ink, paper and printing stress!

The optional Salute Equestrian Number Bib Inserts include a pair of four-slot pouches that easily slide vertically into the front and back of our Salute Equestrian Number Bib or slide horizontally into standard number bibs.

These slots with white background make it easy to store and select your number, insert it centrally to aid presentation and are lighter in weight than magnetic alternatives (and better suited to any riders with metalwork in their body!)

The Salute Equestrian Number Inserts include eight plastic number sets with cut out corners to enable easy insertion into the individual slots for a secure fit.  The corners enable no fiddling around as happens with standard bridle numbers!

Keep each wear and tear-resistant number set 0-9 in its slot and easily change your number. 

 With the Salute Equestrian Number Bib’s Velcro top slot changing number is even possible in the saddle with no flappy A4 paper to frighten your horse.

 All competition numbers from 1-9999 possible.

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