Smart Number Bib

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Our Smart Number Bib design is not only made to high standards and of a lovely weight, it's also features non-slip, non-flap shoulder straps; easy adjustment to fit over your hat or can be unclipped in an emergency; and side elastic to suit air jackets too!

The Velcro top slot enables much easier insertion of home-printed A4 sheets or our innovative Salute Equestrian Ultimate Number Bib Inserts which can be purchased separately or with your bib.

There's a choice of HEADER


For BESPOKE personalisation of the header please email us with the wording you require which will be in white.  Extra cost of £10.00 (see the ROSEVIDNEY livery stables example - name, school name, competition venue all possible.  Please refer to your rules for sponsor names.

There's a choice of BASE personalisation -  none, or for an extra cost of £5.00 yo can have plain (deep embossing) matt or metallic colours. 

Complies with BE sponsorship rules so you can choose your name, horse name, club name, sponsor name as suits.

Plain embossing or metallic gold or silver is most effective.  

We can also offer metallic colours of Rose Gold, Cerise, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Cyan, Red, Copper, Lilac and Green and matt colours of Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Pea Green and Forest Green however, these colours do not tend to emboss as sharply as the gold or silver.  Darker colours are also harder to read so Blue and Purple are less effective. 

As with all handmade products the effect can vary.  Personalised goods are not refundable. 



SAVE £5.00 when you buy a set - a bib (plain, personalised or bespoke or both personalised and bespoke), a pair of number bib inserts AND an Info Board.

Or - Add just our Number Bib Inserts to never print again £17.50

Add just our Windscreen Info Board for £10.00 to display in your vehicle/horsebox for added security at a competition or when leaving the yard.  Drywipe, it comes with clip and pen and a handy string! 

Buy Personalisation for the base of the front/back of your bib - £5.00 for plain (deep embossing) or matt or metallic colours. 

When you have placed your order, please email us with your bespoke header details if chosen and your personalisation requirements - ie the wording to front and/or back, and colour/s.

Please advise if your next event is imminent so we can manage your expectations depending on demand/availability of embosser! 


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