Sit up like a soldier - our favourite horse-riding analogies

Sit up like a soldier - our favourite horse-riding analogies

February 15, 2023

Inspired by a quote that said;

"To ride without a neck strap is like getting in a car without seatbelts - only to ride with a Click & Connect Neck Strap is like getting in a car, clipping in your seat belt and having traction control, ABS and Power Assist Features at your fingertips too!"

What are our other favourite analogies;

1. Sit up like a soldier.

2. Don't grip with your inner thighs - even if you are in danger of having wet knickers!

3. Rise up from your hat like you are a helium balloon.

4. Be proud and pleased to be on your horse - prick your ears like a rabbit.

5. Don't drop your ear to your shoulder, turn your head like a wise old owl.

6. Have your core so tight your tummy is a trampoline on the inside, and as soft as a waterbed on the outside. 

7. Your legs should be as soft as melted butter, dripping each side of the saddle.

8. The reins are like telephone wires, you want to be having a conversation each way.

9. Fiddle the reins like you are sifting flour though your fingers.

10. Handling a horse without manners is likely handling a loaded gun with the safety catch off.

We'd love to hear your favourite analogies so feel free to share them with us!




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