Fitting Your Click & Connect Neck Strap

How to fit your Click & Connect.
Choose your size. Circumference Small 90-110cm; Medium 100-125cm; Large 110-140cm. 
There are at least NINE ways to wear our Click & Connect Neck Strap for maximum versatility. For shoulder proprioception to enable use as a neck/shoulder-reining tool, Fit 4, Fit 7, Fit 8 and Fit 9 are advised.  There is also a development on Fit 2 where instead of connecting the clips to your martingale ring, a single short connector is used from comfort ring to martingale ring.  Illustration available on request.


Fit Instructions

  1. Position the Click & Connect one hands’ width in front of your horse or pony’s shoulder, such that it crosses the crest approximately one hands’ width in front of any martingale or breastplate (if used).

  2. Connect the base clips to the comfort ring supplied (solo use or if in combination with the side connectors) or click the base clips to your martingale attachment ring.

  3. Adjust side buckles evenly on each side to create a snug fit – allow just two fingers between the horse’s crest and neck strap.

  4. Short or long side connectors should be fitted snugly – just long enough to allow full extension and retraction of the shoulder but not to become baggy when standing square. To check this, raise a foreleg and take forward and back to ensure freedom of movement. Allow time to fit your connectors for the first time but following this you can quickly remove using the base clips. Spare clips are available should you wish to use clips with your short connectors, or at both ends of your long connectors.

  5. When using the spare clips fed through the breastplate shoulder arms, ensure the breastplate is fitted to allow freedom of movement and slide the clip up or down to best enable optimal positioning of the Click & Connect at the crest.




Before purchasing, please measure the circumference of your horse’s neck at the point where the Click & Connect Neck Strap will sit – one hand’s width in front of the horse’s shoulder.  Large can fit a chunky native pony to a warmblood, while small can fit a miniature Shetland to a fine thoroughbred racehorse so it is best to measure first, especially if you are choosing to have your Click & Connect Neck Strap personalised as returns are not possible on these items.

Small 90–110cm suits very fine ponies and horses. Medium 100–125cm suits ponies and lighter build horses. Large 115–140cm suits large native ponies, cobs and horses.


Note The Ultimate Set includes a neck strap, matching short and long connectors, and a pair of clips. All items can also be purchased separately. Short connectors can also be used as bit straps for anatomical bridles.