A compilation of photos and messages from our clients…

“I feel that a neck strap is a vital piece of equipment and this one that Salute Equestrian has come up with is exceptional.  That’s why, when I ride, I Click & Connect.” Jonty Evans, Olympian riding after recovering from a severe head injury.  

"The Salute Equestrian Neck Strap works really well.  It sits just right so that the rider can hold it without impeding on the rider’s effectiveness of their hands.” 

"A neck strap helps a rider’s stability and that the Click & Connect Neck Strap helps the horse’s balance too makes it of extra benefit", Yogi Breisner, coach and horseman, former British Eventing Performance Manager.

“Merlin and I have progressed so much since the start of the year! Thank you Salute Equestrian for our Click & Connect Neck Strap. I won’t ride without it. “ Benji Plunket (now a Captain for Salute Equestrian) "You wouldn’t put a seat belt on and not connect it! The Click & Connect Neck Strap is so much safer for horse and rider." Robbie Sharma

“The neck strap has given my eight-year-old daughter the confidence she needed to really get going! 


I think it’s a great product and I wish more people would use neck straps both for safety and to save ponies mouths!”  Katie Congreve


Your neck strap has been a gamechanger for me and my spooky horse.  Thank you! Now I need another one for my dressage saddle! Georgina Cowling

It was a nice touch to have a personal note in the order, along with the polos (which my daughter ate before her pony got a chance, poor lad!)  Katie
Bea has a big stride and her canter is difficult to sit to. She can be unbalanced at times so the neck strap helps to keep me in balance and sit deeper when I need it. It’s also good for those ‘Oh s••t’ moments if she spooks or jumps much higher than expected! Thank you.  Katrina Hall


After recovering from a nasty fall I wanted something that would make me feel safe, not be restrictive and make me sit better in the saddle.

I’m so glad I found the Salute Equestrian neck strap as it fulfils all those requirements plus it looks really smart on Holly.

The quality of the leather is excellent and the customer service is exceptional.

I would highly recommend this product to riders of all levels as it has definitely saved me from falling off when Holly wanted to show her scope over a small fence!  Esme Bas

The Click and Connect neckstrap has been such a valuable tool when starting to event young horses.

With the connection to the ‘d’ rings of my saddle the neckstrap remains in the same place which means that it’s exactly where I need it, when I need it.

Giving me an anchor to balance on in those uncertain moments which allows the horse freedom in the mouth.

I won’t ride without one! James Fisher


Got lots of compliments on it at a competition last night daisy was loving all the attention ! 😂 xxx



Alix and Nijinte from Belgium


 Nijntje’s original name is Little Elphin, he was born in EnglandNl 😊)  Alix's mum says, "The Click & Connect Neck Strap is lovely to teach Alix to keep her balance over a jump. ( especially for when Nijintje actually jumps 😊)"


Well, I have to say, you’re a genius!

I took Ollie to pyecombe for showjump hire this afternoon as his last treat before school- the difference with your neck strap was amazing!

Oreo was so much more fluent because he wasn’t worrying about losing his small person or getting caught if Oliver gets left behind - Ollie had struggled keeping him forward through doubles but today was totally different. 

Interestingly Ollie found the hi viz really useful because he could easily find the strap. 

Whenever we tried neckstraps before, Ollie just couldn’t grab it when he needed it- but with yours he finds it every time. Perhaps because it doesn’t move?

It really is an awesome piece of kit!  Julie Langmaid


"Well this is a first! Rainbow and Ivy got round a whole working hunter course with no wobbly moments!

It works whether they are at a rally or hacking or jumping... couldn't be more pleased", Karen Boon



Hey! It’s Kelly Marie Tucker.  I was given a personalised Click & Connect neck strap for my birthday in readiness for backing Darcey.  I wanted to share how happy she is – this is only my second time sitting on her!

USA @klwycoff

My new horse is jumping me out of the tack! So excited to now be able to use my neck strap! Thank you.


Hope the neck straps flying off the shelves? I love mine. 💕



With regards to your neck staps, I am a huge advocate and wouldn’t get on a beach donkey without one. No one is good enough to ride without one!!!  Ben Way CCI5* Rider

Dear Salute!

Thank you for my Diamante neck strap.

No more fears of riding incase it is a bad day.  It makes every ride a GOOD ride!  

I can’t thank you enough,


I feel so reassured by my neck strap and it means I finish riding feeling uplifted! Thank you.  Jane R.


Best neck strap keeping me in place with losing my stirrup round a big xc course 😬   Chloe Chan


We first found Salute Equestrian one whole year ago when searching for a neck strap for a tiny just turned 5 year old Dylan who was just learning how to jump off of the leadrein and needed a little extra support.

He had a martingale but the strap to that wasn’t quite in the right place, I found the balance strap for the Ds of the saddle just tipped him forward and the traditional spare stirrup leather just seemed to get away from him slipping up his ponies neck so when we found the click and connect neck strap it ticked all the boxes!

He doesn’t ride without it and boy has it saved him on more that one occasion once it even kept him aboard his pony when he crashed through a fence and fell over!!

We couldn’t recommend this piece of kit more and now we even have two once for each pony ✨

Jess Flack (mum to Dylan of Panero and Peppers Adventures)


 Ellie Fredericks using her personalised neck strap.



"I take my neckstrap everywhere", Zoe & Dante

"I’m happy to recommend the neck strap to everyone. Another photo of my handsome boy wearing his. We were in fancy dress for the Spooktacular Forest Ride!"

Zoe Linington