In the beginning...
The FEI introduced a new rule in 2019 that, if used, a neck strap must be connected to the saddle or breastplate when riding cross-country. 
Well, modern stirrup leathers are often so strong - even with webbing inserts - that were a horse to catch its leg in a loose neck strap - when pecking on landing, for instance - it risks serious injury as the stirrup leather is unlikely to break. 
Alarm bells rang out for Anna Bruce, a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, and who was lucky enough to ride at Advanced level of eventing in her youth, aware of those occasions when a pony would put it's head down to graze and the neck strap be by his ears, or of those moments when an exuberant horse would buck and then neck strap be far closer to her horse's hooves than her own hands.  
Anna says, "I'd often thought neck straps could be so much more decorative than a tatty old stirrup leather, and then, when I became aware of the risks, I set about designing a beautiful, top quality, neck strap that would also be safer.  Little did I realise it would also improve the horse and rider partnership and performance to inspire riders of all ages, all experience levels and from all over the World."
The Click & Connect Neck Strap has numerous fitting options so that one Ultimate Set will ensure you have all you need, whatever style of saddle or breastplate you use. 
Anna says, "But in practice, we learned just how many more benefits it brings!"
The majority of Salute Equestrian clients are a mix between happy hackers to professional competitors but they all have one thing in common.
Anna says, "They are really focused on the horsemastership and partnership and want the best for their horse and the feedback we've had from owners whose horses were destined for the bullet or those aiming for Badminton, is just incredible."
Salute aims to be What every rider needs; What every horse deserves.