Ultimate Breastplate Connectors

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Convert your Click & Connect Neck Strap into the Ultimate Breastplate. 

Available in black with chrome, brown with chrome or brown with brass buckles and clips.

Made from Italian leather, these supple connectors include keepers to prevent gapping, and a clip in chrome or brass to attach either to the D of the neck strap with the loop in the leather being threaded through your girth, or in the reverse, with the clip quickly attaching to your girth buckle.

There are numerous advantages that make this the Ultimate Breastplate;

No strap between the horse's front legs

No restriction on the shoulder

The neck strap element can be tight, giving you and your horse instant security in forward seat or over a fence - or in an emergency.

The connectors appear to act like long-lines, giving the horse security, improving balance, confidence and straightness. 

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