April 04, 2023

Following Lucy Standish being asked to remove her Click & Connect Neck Strap at Thoresby CCI-S2*, Salute Equestrian is desperately seeking clarity from the FEI.


Their statement to Stewards is that, "This particular neck strap has been reviewed by the Eventing Committee.  It is not allowed for Eventing (all three tests).

For Dressage, it is not allowed as it is considered as a gadget (Eventing Rules, art 539.2.3).  For cross-country and jumping, art 539.3.2, specify that, 'Neck Straps, if used on cross-country, must be attached either to the breastplate or to the saddle."

Lucy was using her Click & Connect Neck Strap with long connectors to her close contact girth. (Photographed in the show jumping phase before she was asked to remove her neck strap just before her XC)  

Salute had considered attaching to the girth equivalent to attaching to the saddle and will discuss with the FEI as soon as the opportunity arises.

In the meantime, please could all international competitors make use of attaching to a breastplate.  There are several options here; Fit 2 - use the base clips to attach to the central ring on your breastplate; Fit 4 - use the short connectors to connect from the neck strap D rings to the ring available on each side of your horse's shoulder - either high on the shoulder or lower down.  And Fit 5 - use the short connectors to attach to the arm of your racing or Fairfax/anatomical breastplate.

We would also suggest Fit 7, connecting the long connectors to the pommel D rings - as this surely must constitute attachment to the saddle.

So International competitors still have four fitting options but sadly, not the most popular and effective way... for the time-being at least.

Thank you for your understanding, while we endeavour to find a solution for the best safety, partnership and performance option that the FEI accepts for you and your horse.

Anna Bruce

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