What character is your horse? Meet our Beach Bum, Country Bumpkin and The Townie

What character is your horse? Meet our Beach Bum, Country Bumpkin and The Townie

February 03, 2023

What kind of character is your horse?

Our three horses are known as the beach bum, the country bumpkins or the townie. Let me explain why. 

The beach bum is our resident dressage horse. 

He can't bear to ride 'off-road' over undulations - that takes far too much concentration to balance with his big movement. 

He is distinctly unnerved by vegetation that moves in verge or anything that doesn't smell like his supper - he's even twitchy riding past the pub at Sunday Lunch! 

He's not best impressed by cold weather or wind either. 

So why is he nicknamed the beach bum? 

He loves working in the sand (arena) and loves being ridden in hot weather and otherwise would really rather be left to soak up the rays or lie down in his stable.  


The country bumpkin is very at home in mud, over hills, through woods, streams and in the open space. 

He's loses enthusiasm as soon as he realises he's being led towards the arena.

He'll hack happily around the village and while cats, dogs, squirrels, moving vegetation to pheasants fighting don't alarm him; bin bags, traffic, and manhole covers  - indeed anything that's not natural - terrify him. 

And, as for joining the party, he's not bothered - he'll tag along but really he's quite happy alone in nature. 


The townie is pretty much the opposite of the country bumpkin. 

He's pretty much agorophobic; open space has his heart racing, a puddle must be skirted around and, any animal or moving vegetation must be cause for concern. 

However traffic, road signs, Christmas displays, bunting and lawn mowers - are all accepted as part of the scenery. 

Our particular townie is a bit of a lad - he'll act up in front of his mates and is more of a handful in group rides, so he tends to be ridden out alone.

How do you characterise your horse? Do share your story with us! 

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