What is a Neck Strap and why should I Connect it?

What is a Neck Strap and why should I Connect it?

February 15, 2023

Neck Straps help

  • Stablilise the rider without pulling on the horse’s mouth
  • Steady your hands at all gaits
  • Ensure your hands move with the horse’s neck while jumping
  • Keep yourself from falling behind the motion while jumping
  • Have something to hold on to in case of emergency

The Click & Connect Neck Strap does all this even better…. AND….

  • Improves rider safety by not falling forward out of the rider’s reach or being too bulky to hold.
  • Improves horse safety as there’s no risk of the horse catching himself in a loose neck strap.
  • Improves stability of horse and rider should the horse spin as the connectors reduce neck strap rotation and could even support his shoulders.
  • Allows you to ride more positively (not defensively) as you’ll be secure even in forward seat.
  • Gives the horse confidence – the connectors running across the whole shoulder act like long-lines to potentially enhance his safety, balance and shoulder control.
  • Gives you an aid to encourage the horse to lift from the base of his neck, open his chest and engage his hind quarters.

The question is then perhaps not why would you connect, but, why wouldn't you! 

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