Click Before You Kick for...

                       ... Safety - Partnership - Performance

Permitted for British Dressage, British Show Jumping, British Eventing and The Pony Club, the Click & Connect Neck Strap from Salute Equestrian is specifically designed to meet the FEI Ruling 2019 ‘Neck straps if used on cross-country must be attached either to the breastplate or the saddle’

Connecting the neck strap prevents risk of it falling forward, avoiding a potentially fatal injury, AND, connection also prevents rotation and can give shoulder proprioception turning the 'Oh Heck Strap' into a training and performance aid.  For more information do see our benefits page and testimonials page.

Our Scholarship Range includes HI-VIZ, Diamante and Polo styles to add a little glamour to your ride, and are still permitted in competition.