When riding at liberty, the need for a neck strap is clear and we're proud to say our neck strap is used by Mia Rodley and Katharine Pickering - both of whom are regulars at the Horsemanship Showcase!

The Salute Equestrian Click & Connect Neck Strap is;

* Superior quality using premium leather that's dyed with the environment in mind.

* Safer - in an emergency the leather will break and not burn (unlike rope or webbing).  

* Easy to fit - just slip over the neck avoiding troubling the horse's ears

* Easy to hold - slimline leather means it's comfortable to hold with reins

* Well balanced - the comfort ring at the base helps keep it centralised.

* Adjustable with roller buckles on each side.

* Available in three sizes - Small (90-110cm), Medium (100-125cm), Large (115-140cm).  Extensions possible for large breeds!

* Has D rings that can fold away for neatness or be used with corresponding connectors if upgrading to the Ultimate Set

* Available in Classic Black or Brown including Personalisation, Diamante, HI-VIZ and Polo styles.

* Option to Personalise the Classic Black or Brown options with plain (deep embossing) or matt or metallic colours.

Plain embossing or metallic gold or silver is most effective.  

We can also offer metallic colours of Rose Gold, Cerise, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Cyan, Red, Copper, Lilac and Green and matt colours of Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Pea Green and Forest Green however, these colours do not tend to emboss as sharply as the gold or silver.  Darker colours are also harder to read so Blue and Purple are less effective. 

As with all handmade products the effect can vary.  Personalised goods are not refundable.