Eventing Neck Strap Connectors

Salute Equestrian Ltd

Convert your Click & Connect Neck Strap (or old stirrup leather!) into an FEI XC compliant neck strap with our Eventing Neck Strap Connectors.

After an old stirrup leather fell forward leading to an event horse catching his leg and resulting in a fatal injury, so the FEI stated that a neck strap, where used XC, must connect to the saddle or breastplate.

Our Eventing Neck Strap Connectors provide a spacer between the neck strap and breastplate enabling you to meet the rules and, fit your neck strap at the exact point you wish to use it to balance yourself, or your horse, when over a fence or in forward seat.

There are multiple fitting options of our Eventing Neck Strap Connectors, which are sold in pairs;

* a pair the higher ring on the point of the shoulder for a three-point breastplate

* a pair on each side around the shoulder arm of a racing breastplate

* a single connector to the base of a Fairfax breastplate or to the base ring of a breastplate with a ring here (note, with our Click & Connect Neck Strap, you can also connect directly to this without needing to use a connector)

* to pair the mid-shoulder ring of a five-point breastplate.  This fit is our favourite as it appears the line of connector and breastplate then acts like long-lines, helping to give a horse a better sense of balance, straightness and confidence.

One size but of a choice of colour;

Black with chrome buckle

Brown with chrome buckle

Brown with brass buckle

NOTE: Connector Clips for speedier tacking up are available in chrome or brass and priced at £6.95/pair.  See our listing 'Connector Clips'.


NOTE: Short Connectors can also be used as bit straps for anatomical/Micklem bridles.

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