Click & Connect Harmony Neck Strap

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Perfectly placed to improve safety, partnership and performance the Click & Connect Harmony Neck Strap helps improve a rider's security whether in forward seat, jumping or in an emergency.  Using the connectors helps develop a deeper seat, looser hip, stronger core, kinder hand and a better connection with the horse.

The Click & Connect Harmony Neck Strap can also be used in conjunction with our Harmony Handle - ideal for novice or nervous riders who wish to feel a connection with their horse without balancing on or relying on the bit.

The unique elements include;

1. The neck strap sits ahead of the shoulder, enabling maximum freedom of movement. 

2. No restrictive or potentially dangerous strap between the horse's front legs.

3. Multiple fittings to enable quick-change options for use between horses, or between phases in competition. 

4. The strap over the horse's crest is slimline and snug, optimally positioned for improving rider balance, stability and security while preventing balancing on the rein or destabilising the horse.  It is in the perfect position to hold when in forward seat, over a fence or in an emergency such as bucking or spooking.

5. The connectors to the pommel of the saddle ensure the neck strap stays in position.  They can also be held in one or both hands which gives the rider the best feel to riding into a forward hand and encourages the rider to deepen their seat, loosen through their hips and engage their core.  The horse then develops greater engagement, connection and cadence .


Three sizes available and even extension kits for heavier breeds.  SMALL 90-110cm; MEDIUM 100-125cm; LARGE 115-140cm  - neck circumference measured on hands' width in front of the shoulder.



Classic Black, Black Diamante, Black Polo (blue/silver stitching) Black HI-VIZ (reflective silver strip)


Classic Brown with choice of brass or chrome clips, Brown Polo (burgundy/gold stitching), Brown HI-VIZ (bright orange strip)

Please note Classic and Personalised Brown with chrome clips are not available in Small. 


We can emboss your name, phone number, or initials on the top or underside of your neck strap for beauty or added security.  Gold, Silver and Plain (deep embossing) are recommended for longevity. Extra £10.00 only! 

* Premium quality leather dyed with the environment in mind

* Slimline supple leather that's easy to hold

* Twin size adjustment buckles for better balance/reduced rotation and no loose flappy straps on which to catch a rein

* Easy fit/quick release comfort ring clip at the base to fit over the neck rather than disturb the head or ears

  • Designed for your riding life and with built-in stress point to snap under severe strain (safer for you and your horse)
  • Note, as standard we send long connectors so they can be held in the rider's hand to improve balance.  However these can be shortened to suit.  
  • Do also see the Harmony Handle, sold separately. 

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