Click & Connect Neck Strap Ultimate Set

Salute Equestrian

Our Ultimate Set will ensure you have the neck strap in the size and style of your choice and all the connection options, whatever style of saddle or breastplate you use - it can even be used as a Safety Breastplate with the connectors attaching directly to the girth.

The Ultimate Set includes the neck strap in the size and style of your choice and then a pair of short connectors and optional clips to act as spacers between your neck strap and a racing, hunting or five-point breastplate (or directly to the saddle or to our balance strap for smaller ponies) and a pair of long connectors and clips to act as a balance aid for your hands when connected to the pommel of the saddle or to turn the neck strap in to a safety breastplate (the most popular option). 

Designed for improved safety, our Click & Connect Neck Strap also brings benefits for your partnership and performance. 

Safety - no risk of catching a leg, it's always in the right place for the rider to grab, is slimline to easily be held with your reins and with connection on both sides of the horse, swivel is reduced so you don't grab it and rotate it around the horse's neck as he spins away.
Partnership - the clip at the base means you don't need to disturb a horses head - or sensitive ears - when tacking up; with reduced rotation, you'll mount much more easily, starting your ride in harmony;  it'll be there to help your balance over a fence - no more catching your horse in the teeth - and, because the neck strap gives you security even with your hands pushed forward, you don't have to ride defensively past a spook or over a ditch, you can actually take it forward, flap the connectors on his shoulders like long lines and your body language and intent says, let's go forward together, making for a more confident horse and rider.
Performance - with no strap on the shoulder or between the front legs, there's maximum freedom of movement through the shoulder; and even in competition you've also the fitting option of taking the long connectors to the pommel of the saddle, for fine tuning his half-halts or for a rider to hold in their hands to feel really secure or get the feel of carrying their hands towards the bit and it's a handy way to help train a horse to relax through his neck to the bit - especially useful if he bottles up when he's a bit tense.
SAFETY BREASTPLATE, to use in this format, connect the long connectors directly to the girth straps or clip onto the girth buckles. These act like long-lines, silently helping encourage a nervous horse forward or help a horse have better balance and control through his shoulders with less falling-in or falling-out, it even is believed to be a gamechanger in improving a horse's confidence so he's less spooky, or less upset by a spook, and could aid straightness in all his work too.  



* Premium quality leather dyed with the environment in mind

* Slimline supple leather that's easy to hold

* Three sizes available and even extension kits for heavier breeds.  SMALL 90-110cm; MEDIUM 100-125cm; LARGE 115-140cm  - neck circumference measured one rider's hands' width in front of the shoulder. 

* Twin size adjustment buckles for better balance/reduced rotation and no loose flappy straps on which to catch a rein

* Easy fit/quick release comfort ring clip at the base to fit over the neck rather than disturb the head or ears

* Fold away twin D rings to connect long connectors (to saddle or girth) or short connectors (to breastplate)

* Designed for your riding life and with built-in stress point to snap under severe strain (safer for you and your horse)

* Personalisation Plain, metallic and matt colour options for our Classic versions – see our PERSONALISATION tab.

Available in Classic Black, Black with Personalisation, Black Diamante, Black Polo (blue/silver stitching) Black HI-VIZ (reflective silver strip)

Or Classic Brown with choice of brass or chrome clips, Brown with Personalisation, Brown Polo (burgundy/gold stitching), Brown HI-VIZ (bright orange strip)

Please note Classic and Personalised Brown with chrome clips are not available in Small. 

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