EquiSeat Aid

Salute Equestrian Ltd

The EquiSeat Aid is designed to promote a stable seat for the straightness of horse and rider.  

Salute Equestrian tested the EquiSeat Aid and found it a simple way to help open up your hip and knee to help you develop your seat. 

How many of us are lopsided, or stronger on one side than the other? 

To help change your muscle memory, using the EquiSeat Aid can straighten you up - forever!  We found a benefit in just three weeks.  

To identify the size you require, simply measure the widest part of your calf.

The EquiSeat aid comes with 7.5cm blocks as standard. 

As an additional benefit, we also found the EquiSeat Aid highlights how much some riders (er, our tester!) rely on their inner thighs rather than seat and balance. 

Clamping with your thighs can restrict a horse, so by freeing up your upper leg, the horse can swing though his body and be more forward going with bigger movement – and the rider can then develop their seat and balance to work in harmony with him, rather than clamp on!


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