Click & Connect Liberty Neck Strap

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The Click & Connect Neck Strap is a superior neck strap. 

Made of premium quality Italian leather and with a comfort ring at the base that aids stability and reduces rotation, it is popular with liberty riders and those seeking a more traditional look but with improved safety and style.

It has been used by Liberty experts including Kat Pickering and Mia Rowdon, Knights of Middle England and Ben Atkinson.

It can also connect directly to a breastplate at the central ring by removing the comfort ring.


You can buy from a choice of styles including Classic, Diamante, Polo and HI-VIZ, and our Click & Connect Neck Strap also has the option of PERSONALISATION. 



The size-adjustment buckles mean one neck strap can fit several horses, making it of even greater value.

Measure one hands' width in front of the horse's shoulder, ie where you will grab over a fence, to balance yourself in forward seat, or in an emergency.  Then choose a size so that you have room to go larger if you wish to use it at liberty, when you'll want to hold it longer). 

Small extends from 90-110cm

Medium 100-125cm

Large 115-140cm



* Twin size adjustment buckles for better balance/reduced rotation and no loose flappy straps on which to catch a rein

* Easy fit/quick release comfort ring clip at the base to fit over the neck rather than disturb the head or ears

* Fold away twin D rings should you wish to connect in the future.  The fold-away D rings can be employed with our Eventing Neck Strap Connectors (£35), to then be compliant with FEI XC rules, or with our Ultimate Breastplate Connectors (£45), can be converted into the Ultimate Breastplate.

* Designed for your riding life and with built-in stress point to snap under severe strain (safer for you and your horse)

* Premium quality leather dyed with the environment in mind

* Slimline supple leather that's easy to hold

* Personalisation Plain, metallic and matt colour options for our Classic versions – see our Personalisation tab.

NOTE: If you ride with a saddle, we don't want you to miss out on the incredible advantages of CONNECTING your neck strap so there's savings to be made by buying the Ultimate Set! 

NOTE Classic Brown with chrome clips is not available in size small. 


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